Do you want to open your online store? It's time to make your project a reality! With Hubside eShop, you can create and customize your site. You also manage your space easy to sell.

Present your products

A sale can be made by posting the right product information. With Hubside eShop, you benefit from a complete product sheet

  1. Let your pen express itself by writing the title and the description.

  2. Make your users want to buy your product by inserting an image.

  3. Enter the price

To provide a better experience for your customers, you can update your inventory and mention the delivery time and price.


Receive your payments securely via PayPal

Payments are made securely via Paypal. To do this, you just need to associate your Paypal account to your Hubside eShop online store. Refunds are also processed on Paypal.

Easily manage your online store.

Thanks to an intuitive sales area, you can easily track and manage your orders. Your customers are automatically informed of the status of their order by email. In terms of delivery,you can choose if you send your products by post or if you prefer to deliver them in person. You can also view your turnover at any time.


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